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Accessories Protec Less Stress ballistic neoprene neck strap

There are several saxophone neck straps on the market with split left and right pads. The idea behind having a gap in the middle of the padding is to relieve pressure on the vertebral column, reducing the risk of trapped nerves and spinal damage.

Examples of such straps are the Cebulla Sax-Strap, Just Joe's Sax Gel Strap and the B.Air Bird Strap. All of these straps have a leather neck piece with a cord attached.

Protec makes a similar product called the Leather Less-Stress strap, available with a standard or wide adjuster. In addition, they make a version with a nylon strap. This has thick neoprene padding, stitched into a ridged pattern. This strap uses nylon webbing rather than a cord. It's this nylon version that I'm reviewing here.


This strap is only available with one hook style. This is a rubber covered metal hook, designed to have the strength of metal, but with the covering preventing wear to your saxophone's sling ring. This works in use, although care needs to be taken when attaching and releasing the hook, as the catch is bare metal. Also, if the hook is attached when cleaning the saxophone, the metal parts could scratch the body of the saxophone. This might occur when feeding a pull through swab through the body of the horn.

The length of the strap is controlled by an adjuster similar to that found on the shoulder straps of bags. It is easy to adjust, and stays put once adjusted.

The nylon webbing is strong and is attached to the neck piece with strong stitching. However it doesn't sit flat against the body. It is the thin edges of the webbing that sit against the chest. I haven't found this to be a problem when the strap is in use, but it causes the strap to twist if worn without the saxophone attached.

The neck piece of the strap is its best feature. It is thickly padded with comfortable neoprene. It doesn't bounce, and it doesn't stick when worn directly against the skin. The nylon backing is available in the black colour shown here, a muted green colour, or hot pink.

The things I like about this strap are the neck piece material, the split left and right padding and the fact that it doesn't slip. Additional features I would like include a non-metal hook option and webbing that lies flat or a cord. A cord would also allow the option of an extra wide adjuster, as used on the leather straps.

In conclusion, if a nylon neck piece like this was available on the Cebulla Sax-Strap, I would have my perfect strap.
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