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Beginners How to find and download backing tracks

Hi all, it occurred to me, after a conversation with another forum member, that we are not all computer and internet wizards. Some of us find it easier to find and manage internet resources than others do. So I thought I would do another photo guide.
This is for people who would like to find and download backing tracks that they like.
First of all you will need some software to download the MP3 file (sound file) that you'd like. I use DVDVIDEOSOFT.COM when you go to their page you will need this one (highlighted in red circle with red arrow)

Once you click on this, instal it and then open this when the option arrises

Then open this window

Once this is open, now go to YouTube and search for Backing tracks

Here is what my computer brought up. Lets go with the third video down, that looks like it could be a good one. I'd recommend having a listen to it first though, just in case it's not to your liking.

I quite like this track so I think I'll download it. As you can see, I've highlighted the "Address bar" by left clicking on it. Now right click and then click on "Copy"

Now you want to go back to the DVDSOFT program that you opened and click the word paste

Your download will now begin. Once it has finished, it gives you the option to view the file. This shows you where the file has been stored on your computers hard drive. I have a folder called "My Music" on my hard drive and thats where I put it all. I have sub folders in there for things like tunes that I have recorded and maybe tunes that I'm playing around with.

Ok so now you know where to find some backing tracks and how to download them, have a look at my Audacity tutorial and have some fun with your tracks.
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Excellent, Taz!
Excellent step-by-step guide.
Great detail. It takes a lot of effort to make a step by step guide, like that.

Another way is to use this website, pasting the address bar contents (URL) from youtube into the box:

They have a plug-in for FireFox too, but apparently it doesn't do anything extra, so isn't really needed.

Your way has more options, like setting the bit-rate, which could be very handy for getting lots of tracks onto a cheap MP3 player, or getting better quality ones for home use.
Great stuff Taz
Your step-by-step guide is much clearer even than the ones on the dvdvideosoft website! many thanks-very useful.
Great explanation and detail. Thanks
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