Grassi Saxophones

Grassi Saxophones

Just to add a hint for people lookig for a Professional 2000 bari - I have a Bb model ser#68872 and I love it, it's every bit as good as described above in this nice presentation of a very confusing brand history. BUT - bare in mind you'll have to visit your tech in order to tweak the ridiculous ergonomics! I have fairly big hands and still had to spend arround 2 hours at my tech's carefully bending the arms of the finger touches closer to make it playable at it's full potential. Luckily they're long and soft enough it was possible... Also made a custom, significantly longer brass thumb hook as the factory one didn't really work well for my (big) hands... other than those two design flaws (at least in my case) I must tell that, even so big, this is one of the most temperamental and exciting saxophones I ever played!!! Somewhat like Italian racing cars - (initially) uncomfortable, but oh man! the sound and performance make you forget all about it!
Nice, I have often wondered about my much loved Grassi. Jade roller Alto standard #21609
Nice work. Much appreciated.
A Sincere appreciation of a Finely Made Instrument and a Scholarly approach to cataloging the evolution of a small but quality Mark.
This is a Phenomenal resource, fantastic, Thank you very much! We need more like this :)
Wonderful article! :)
Ah! Is there a pun in there? Nudge, nudge, wink wink?
Really helpful. Thank you.
A great overview. Finally I know more about the instrument I started with (Grassi standard, Lit 660,000 in around 1980)
Excellent, much needed information.
Thank you! I've been meaning to share some more info I have since found, but just cannot find the time!!!
Excellent intro to Grassi production.
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