Grassi Saxophones

Grassi Saxophones

Nice, I have often wondered about my much loved Grassi. Jade roller Alto standard #21609
Nice work. Much appreciated.
A Sincere appreciation of a Finely Made Instrument and a Scholarly approach to cataloging the evolution of a small but quality Mark.
This is a Phenomenal resource, fantastic, Thank you very much! We need more like this :)
Wonderful article! :)
Ah! Is there a pun in there? Nudge, nudge, wink wink?
Really helpful. Thank you.
A great overview. Finally I know more about the instrument I started with (Grassi standard, Lit 660,000 in around 1980)
Excellent, much needed information.
Thank you! I've been meaning to share some more info I have since found, but just cannot find the time!!!
Excellent intro to Grassi production.
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