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Ecco Mormorar L'Onde - Sax Quintet 2016-09-04

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This is a version of Monteverdi's madrigal Ecco Mormorar L'Onde for SSATB saxophone quintet.

The zip file contains
  • a PDF of the full score plus the individual parts
  • a MusicXML file (.mxl)
  • a Midi file.
You should be able to import the MusicXML file or the Midi file into your own music editor if you want to make changes. If you do this, I suggest that you try the MusicXML file first because it contains more detail.

The notes in this piece are not difficult, but the timing can be tricky - for example the beginning has a 3/4 feel, even though the time signature is 4/4. It is actually easier to sing than to play, because the words help with the phrasing. I have put comma marks in the parts to show the beginnings of new phrases.

If you play it I would love to hear about it.

Here is my attempt to play it:
And here is a "proper" version:

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