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D'Addario finally released a tenor mouthpiece.
After the excellent alto a couple of years ago (reviewed here), I was very curious about it. D'Addario UK kindly sent four mouthpiece for cafemembers to try.
Thanks again Tom

D'Addario uses a different numbering system.
D'Addario/thous/Otto Link:

This gave me the rare opportunity of testing the same model in four different facing; recently I started experimenting with smaller tips, away from my usual 9
I received the four mouthpieces. I roughly tried all of them with some Jazz Select Unfiled reed I have around, finding the best matching reed for each mouthpiece.
Surprisingly my favourite combination was JS 3s on the 7 mouthpiece.
Recently I had to try some medium tip mouthpieces, realising that the combination reed-tip opening is crucial, from the sound perspective, not just from the ease of play.

The first impression is that they are brighter then expected. Much different than their alto counterpart. Not a classical piece at all. I would say a "Breckerish" mouthpiece instead.
Long rollover baffle loosely reminding of the PPT (Pillinger-Thomas) and the Bop Boy (Navarro).
The mouthpieces are machined from solid bar, nicely undercut siderails. It seems to have a different reed angle, compared to most pieces in my drawer.
The choice of a slim beak makes it really comfortable.

Being a bright player myself, I tried to darken the 7 using a Reserve 2.5.
Quite a surprise. The mouthpiece acquired an unexpected depth and a full range of colours. Wide dynamic range too, that is very impressive, considering that I never play a tip smaller than a 8*
I tried a Reserve 2 on the 9. Good, but I preferred the 7/2.5 combination.

The overall feel is that the 7 sounds really big, even compared to my more opened pieces. The edge emerges at louder dynamics.
Definitely a very modern piece. Value for money (RRP £200) absolutely amazing.
For this kind of sound/feel, years ago I chose a Berg (115/2). The D'A, in my opinion is a better design
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