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Playing Cafe Saxophone Jam & Gig Guide

Hi all, I hope that this will produce a very useful resource for all us musicians. Just click on the link and hopefully you should be able to edit the map. Add any pubs that you have been to that host jam sessions and gigs. Tell us a little about the establishment, were they welcoming, was the music good, what genres and how loud was the evening, and most importantly, when is it.
Here is the link, if you have any problems let me know.

The Breakfast Room Jam and Gig Guide.

Thanks for your help, Taz


Ok Folks, it would appear that with the help and guidance of TonyMorony, I've got this thing sorted. When you follow the link, you'll find the map. Save it to "My Maps", then you should see an edit button (to the left of the map and top right of the writing.) click the "edit" button, add your location and review, and then click "Save" and that's it. Job done.
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Why have I not seen this before, this is an excellent resource Taz, more should come and view it, I did not realise there were so many- and close too! Thank you!
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