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A Very, Very Basic Guide To Reaper (Video)

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Quite a few of us on here love and constantly recommend Reaper, but because it's a real studio application many people assume that it will be far too complicated to use ... especially for simple recordings over a backing track.

But it's not. And, hopefully, here's the proof.

This is my first ever 'how to' video so it's not perfect but it should get you started.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. And sorry for the lower than ideal video resolution.
Veggie Dave
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Well done Dave, very clear and concise.
Done a course on reaper and still learned a lot. Focusses on just what you need to produce a recording. One minor point. Listen to backing track through headphones. If computer sound is on the second track will be rerecording the first.
What an excellent guide Dave. Well done!
I use Reaper and this is of great interest to me - I shall watch this a few times in the near future.
Great explanation thank you :) Jx
Great Introduction. Many thanks.
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