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Please note that pending new software we are not currently accepting resource submissions, but if you have any ideas for future resources please contact admin.

This section is where admin and members can offer various resources for everyone. These might be:

  • Tutorials, teaching/learning materials
  • Downloads of teaching/learning materials
  • Transcriptions
  • Product reviews/announcements
  • Videos or any useful stuff.
  • Members' websites or audio showcase

Currently we are not accepting lists of links to websites as resources.

When you create a resource, there will also be a discussion thread created automatically. This will be, by default, in the Resources Discussion section but you can ask a moderator to move to a more suitable section.

Resources are not published immediately, they will need approval by a moderator.

Resource Tips

  • You can also make an FAQ section like the one above. You can add this when you create the resource by adding the questions to the FAQ filed, or edit it afterwards based on the resource discussion.
  • You can upload an icon 96 x 96 which will show in the list of resources and help your stand out.
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