6 Images, Video & Audio

Images and Videos in Posts

Images can be uploaded from your computer or linked from another site and embedded via the image icon above the text editor. Note new members need to be approved before being able to upload images.

Three ways to upload from your computer

  • Click on the image icon image above the text field when posting a message and click the upload icon (arrow pointing up) to browse to the image on your computer (or device)
  • Copy and paste an image from your computer into the text editor (CTRL+C CTRL+V on PC CMD+C CMD+V on Mac)
  • Drag and drop an image from your computer to the text editor.

Maximum file size

We allow images up to 200KB (file size) and 1200px dimensions (height or width).

Note that if larger than 1200px dimensions they will be resized to 1200px, which means in most cases even if the file size was larger than 200KB, it will be allowed because the resizing of px dimensions automatically compresses the file size.

However if smaller than the maximum px dimensions, your image will not get compressed so will only upload if it starts off smaller than 200KB.

Link and embed image from another site

Please do not do this if the site does not allow due to copyright reasons

  • Click on the image icon image above the text field when posting a message, click the link icon (looks like a chain link) and enter the URL of the image (the URL of the actual image, not the web page that the image is on).

See Video:

To post a video embed or audio embed (Youtube / Soundcloud)

  • First copy the URLof the video or audio page, or get it from the list under the share icon - it is the bit that starts with https://
  • Go back to the forum text editor and paste the URL into the text editor.
  • Note that the forum embed respects the Youtube start timestamp, so in Youtube share box you can define the start time and it will start at that time on the post.


This is currently in beta testing mode.

To embed your Bandcamp albums.

Just click on the icon then insert your album ID

bandcamp embed
to get the ID number:

  • Sign in to Bandcamp
  • Go to the album and click on EDIT
  • The URL at the top of the browser window includes the number
  • Use the number at the end (after id=) not the entire URL


So this: [BCAMP]1270867507[/BCAMP]

Is rendered as

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