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CaféSaxophone Forum Rules

General Rules​

General Rules | Marketing Rules | Yardsale (Classifieds) Rules

The rules below have been in place for many years, we urge all members to read them, in spite of the fact that you don't like reading T & Cs. neither do I, but in this case they really do help to keep the forum a nice place. Sorry.
  • You may not use Cafesaxophone for illegal activities (as defined under UK, EU or US law)
  • Please note that this forum is available to all ages, sexes...
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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is critically important to us. Cafesaxophone ("we") will uphold some fundamental principles:

Your Personal Information​

  • You control whether your personal information in your profile is displayed publically
  • We don’t share your personal information with anyone except in exceptional circumstances to comply with the law or protect our rights. See below Exceptional circumstances
  • We don’t store personal information provided by you to us on our...
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Clarifying your rights on the forum: Why we might edit/delete/move posts

There have been some queries about our policy on the content, originally back in 2016 when our rules about this were somewhat legalese and I understand the potential objections by in the original query by carburetor. The original wording was from some default forum rules as used by a lot of forums. We then changed them to be more plain English and to make it more obvious what it means as far as we are concerned and what we may actually do. Despite the changes in wording, nothing actually...
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Forum & Copyright (Guidelines)

This post is in place to explain what we allow or disallow, and the reasons. These are not strict rules of the cafe, but guidelines on how to interpret the rules which you can read here.

These guidelines may change from time to time as we learn more about the legal implications or new precedents are set.

Please feel free to comment.

I hasten to add that any the rules we have in regard to Intellectual property do not mean we necessarily agree those laws and our job is not to be...
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A Moderator's View re Appropriateness of Post Content

Please always bear in mind that this forum is open to people across the globe with cultural differences and a host of life experiences that will have impacted on them and how they may interpret your posts. What may seem to you to be a funny comment can for some be quite upsetting or even offensive. We do not want you to censor every comment you may want to make for the fear of upsetting someone but if you suspect you have, then please have the good grace to apologise and...
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A Moderator's Thoughts re Forum Etiquette & Behaviour

We receive many lovely comments from our members about how friendly and supportive the café is and the main aim of the moderating team is to ensure it stays that way.

However as with all forums and in the real world there are times when misunderstandings and disagreements take place. It is natural if taking part in a discussion or debate to disagree or hold very conflicting opinions which you will want to voice and that is great otherwise we would not have a debate. Sometimes though there...
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Forum Use - Guidelines and Tips

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