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Yard Sale Rules - IMPORTANT

Discussion in 'Yard Sale' started by Pete Thomas, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Chief of Stuff Cafe Moderator

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    The Rules of the Yardsale are included in the general rules, which you agreed to when joining the forum:


    Editing is not available in the Yard sale, this stops any misunderstandings that may arise or possible dodgy procedures: e.g. if a description was changed after a sale took place.

    To update anything you can make another post (as long as it's not purely to bump the thread), or contact admin to edit any mistakes in existing posts.


    • Public discussion/debate regarding the asking price or description. Do not publically debate the price or other aspects of the advertisement. Report the post if inaccurate or discuss with the seller privately. Such posts can be removed if the seller requests them to be.
    • No Off Topic posts

    When an item is sold, we do not remove posts, however please contact Jeanette to edit the prefix to show the item as SOLD.
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