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The Orósz Technique - does it work?

Discussion in 'Playing' started by half diminished, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. half diminished

    half diminished Senior Member

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    I noticed this link on Pete's main site - its for finger training exercises to improve the speed of you fingering.

    Does it work? $117.50 is not cheap.
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  3. Mamos

    Mamos Member

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    Not tried it I'm afraid.

    As I said in a previous thread, I am always a little wary of these sites that offer you the world and promise to change your life.

  4. Chris98

    Chris98 Senior Member

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    I'm wary too, but have taught enough students to realise that it’s often best to tackle a problem from several different directions where possible. I’m just wondering if that could be a legitimate argument for obtaining lots of saxophones, for you could argue that each exhibits properties that enhance your playing on the others, but I digress…

    …Curiosity got the better of me and I signed up for the free lesson, it comes in the form of a PDF that you have access to for 24 hours. Understandably they’re not giving away all their secrets but there might (I say might as I’ve only had a quick scan through it) be enough to see if the idea has any merit. Having just had ago at what looks like a simple exercise I realise how little control I have over my individual fingers, which is what this is expected to improve.

    All the best,

  5. half diminished

    half diminished Senior Member

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    Chatted to my teacher about this and she suggested that my lack of experience with the instrument and with jazz and my brain/eye/hand coordination will be the limiting factor NOT my fingers and that whist finger exercises undoubtedly help, its nothing I need to worry about at the moment.

    Judging on my last lesson yesterday - she's pushing me hard on proper jazz articulation - she right! I can't play anything quickly at all now!

    One step back to make two forwards again!! :w00t:

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