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Saxophones Student model Altos - Jupiter v. Yamaha

Discussion in 'Saxophones & Accessories' started by Luluna, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Luluna

    Luluna SeƱora

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    I never thought this day would come. Finally, ONE of my children (the last of four) wants to play the sax.

    The school offers rentals from 2 different companies - identical cost, but different instruments. One company offers a Yamaha model YAS-200AD for $35/mo and the other offers a Jupiter for $35/mo. The band director recommends them both equally. :confused:

    The company that offers the Jupiter is a local store, and we purchase all our guitars, amps, etc. from them. http://www.advancemusicvt.com/ and have always enjoyed great service.

    The other company, http://ellismusic.com/company_info.php offers the Yamaha, and is a more traditional school band instrument company.

    I know I could let my son (Donovan, age 9) use one of Mom's - but I think it is important that he feels like it belongs to him.

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  3. kevgermany

    kevgermany Landrover Nut Cafe Moderator

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    Good to see you again. Go for the store you know. Makes sense...
  4. jonf

    jonf Well-Known Member

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    Agreed. Both saxes are fine student instruments, so I'd go for trusted local service every time over the trivial differences in terms of quality between the saxes.
  5. griff136

    griff136 Senior Member

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  6. old git

    old git Tremendous Bore

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    Good to hear from you again.

    You know the local store and they know you. Any slight snags are curable on your doorstep and it keeps the local economy healthy.

    Any problems and the Canadian Branch of the CaSLM will intervene.>:)

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