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Another book review

Discussion in 'Music Theory' started by O.C.V., Sep 11, 2011.

  1. O.C.V.

    O.C.V. Member

    North Lancs
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    I enjoyed Musicophilia by Sacks tends to write about the unusual. A good book which deals with the ways in which we all perceive and enjoy music is "This is Your Brain on Music", by Daniel Levitin, a musicia, record producer and now a neuroscientist. It's very readable and explains how our brains work when listening to music, starting from explanations of what is meant by musical terms which we all use, but may mean different thing to different people.
    Well worth reading.
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  3. kevgermany

    kevgermany ex Landrover Nut Cafe Moderator

    Just north of Munich
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    Must find a copy!
  4. littleplum

    littleplum Member

    Leicester, United Kingdom
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    Have you guys been raiding my bookcase??? I bought both of those books last month on holiday. Musicophilia nearly finished (very good book ) and the other waiting to be read. Got mine from waterstones.